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     "Lori-Ann's music gives body to emotions that are beyond words. It is thoughtfully composed and expressively performed."                   --David Wisdom, CBC Stereo  

      Vancouver based neoclassical piano artist, Lori-Ann Speed has released seven albums of original music featuring piano.  Her album In the Wake of a Whisper was nominated for Best Instrumental Release at the West Coast Music Awards. 

     "I present music in the ancient way, as a transformational vehicle, not merely as entertainment.  Music has long been understood to open inner doorways of insights, healing, compassion and communion.  It is a language of intuition heard by our hearts."         ----Lori-Ann


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Beauty, Inspiration, Relaxation: Music Journeys for the soul.

Piano music for the soul. Lovely and beautiful, it is music to relax and dream by.

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