Neoclassical Composer - Pianist - Recording Artist

     "Lori-Ann's music gives body to emotions that are beyond words. It is thoughtfully composed and expressively performed."                   --David Wisdom, CBC Stereo


      Lori-Ann Speed is a Vancouver based neoclassical composer and pianist. She presents unique live performances consisting of original piano compositions and poetic storytelling. Beyond impactful musical experiences, Lori-Ann has recorded eight albums of original music. She also uses her piano to lead meditative journeys and bring musical healing to its participant.


For live performances, tap in now with Lori-Ann Speed on Clubhouse ( bit.ly/lori-annspeedclub ). Join her club, ring the bell on posted events and be notified of concerts to experience her immersive music played live and direct through your smartphone! 



Beauty, Inspiration, Relaxation: Music Journeys for the soul.

Piano music for the soul. Lovely and beautiful, it is music to relax and dream by.

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