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Music Tells A Story

Lori-Ann Speed was born and raised in a remote logging and farming community on the beautiful north shore of Shuswap Lake.  From the time she saw a big white upright piano wheeled into her grade 3 classroom, she had a burning passion to play.  She left the country for the city to pursue her dreams.  Now a composer, pianist and recording artist, Lori-Ann is inspired to create beautiful concert journeys of lush and evocative original compositions with spoken word inspired by nature, life and love. 

She writes “I present music in the ancient way, as a transformational vehicle, not merely as entertainment.  Music has long been understood to open inner doorways of insights, healing, compassion and communion.  It is a language of intuition heard by our hearts." 

Lori-Ann has a Bachelor of Music Degree from the University of British Columbia, a diploma from University of Grenoble, France. She has released seven albums of original music featuring piano.Her album In the Wake of a Whisper was nominated for Best Instrumental Release at the West Coast Music Awards.  Her music has been featured in three CD releases by other artists. 

 Her newest release VISTAS presents us with 14 grand and beautiful views into the landscape of human emotions and the epic beauty of all we share expressed through the pure, simple beauty of the piano.

Her music is both cinematic and emotional. Truly music for the Soul.

"Lori-Ann's music gives body to emotions that are beyond words. It is thoughtfully composed and expressively performed." -- David Wisdom, CBC Stereo

Take a look around the site to get to know Lori-Ann Speed and all that she has to offer.




Thank you for dropping by.   Lori-Ann seeks to offer music with power and beauty that helps people.  She wants to offer something unique to her fans by creating and sharing original music that reaches in and touches people in the inner most level of their being.  This can have an important effect and makes the world a better place.   


" Lori-Ann’s music guided me on a profound inner journey. The range of form, pace, volume, melody, power and tenderness, like a flashlight, supported me in exploring unknown and hidden corners of my psyche, welcoming and embracing parts of me back home. It was therapy without words, enabling a heartfelt and somatic unraveling. I was invited right into the depths of my own being, and then into the vast emptiness of all existence. Lori-Ann’s 'Dance with the Mystery' is a transmission directly from that mystery. One cannot help but be changed, altered and expanded from such Truth, Beauty and Goodness. Thank you.With love and gratitude...Danielle"

"Listening to Lori Ann's music and words in a live performance was one of the most profound and transforming experiences of my life. She guided me into the core of my being. It was a healing journey that delighted my soul and it left me with a powerful sense of renewal." 

John Stoddart

Integral Master Coach™

"What an incredible performance! Uplifting, healing, deeply moving, I am so grateful." Maryse

"Thank you so much for the concert last night. All of us were touched to the core of our beings (you can quote me on that)." Les

"What a thrilling musical offering you made last evening!  It really took my soul on a journey and may it/you and your music move many souls. A very special gifting that can stir and uplift and connect and evolve us in this time on earth! I look forward to witnessing and participating in the magic as it moves out into the world." Lizanne

"It was such a moving composition... I felt everything!!! And it wasn’t just the beautiful soul reaching music, but the words you used to describe this miraculous journey called life!!! Truly brilliant!!! BRAVO 👏 🎶🌟💝💖"

Cindy Mae Young Lori-Ann Speed you are a musical genius who brings healing sound to the depth of the soul!!! I am so grateful to know you!!!❤️❤️❤️

Carmel Stoesz "Wow!! Pure Shakti energy Lori-Ann! 💖🤩 Full on chills and tears at seeing this manifest for you and feeling the depths of your divine gifts being shared with the world in such a powerful way. Incredible! You deserved every moment of that standing ovation ✨💞"

Len Satov "I am so impressed! Not only by your amazing musical creativity but also by your beautiful, natural, loving connection with the audience!🌟"

Henry Kim Wong "I believe sound can bring me back in tune with the natural universal vibrations. Not just the sound but also what is put into the sound by the artist."

"Ah, full on tears and joy and deeply touched at seeing your short video from your performance last night I cant stop crying!! So beautiful seeing God manifested in such a powerful way and through such a beautiful vessel." Carmel

"Listening to you and your grand piano has been a great experience. I love listening to music of all types but have never taken the time to listen to and appreciate music so wonderfully performed.  Your new CD Vistas has been playing not stop in my home since buying one.   It’s hard to express what your music has done for my emotional journey that I have been on this past year and I thank you!"  Cheers - Tim

"Thank you so much for such a soul searching evening! I lost my partner two years ago to ALS and I felt such rage from the moment he was diagnosed till about now.  Thank you, your music awed me!   Your energy, passion, dedication and talent are awe inspiring! As is your composition themes! Thank you!" M


I’m fully listening to your album for the first time.  OMG Lori-Ann they are glorious! Just such beauty.  Flow.  Emotion. Just can feel you stretching out as far as possible into the universe with your music.  Wow."  -H.C.

“Vistas is expansive indeed. Lori-Ann Speed's grand piano journey is a powerfully heart-centred sweeping tide of visionary intensity. As she says, the album offers "twelve grand and beautiful 'views' into the landscape of human emotions; the epic beauty of all that we share, expressed through the pure, simple beauty of the piano."

With subtle but effectively spare cello at times, the varied harmonic journeys--with titles such as "Love's Last Breath," "Nocturne no. 2," and "Dark Night of the Soul"--make for surprisingly satisfying listening, whether for musical ambience, background, or inner journeying. This is uniquely channeled contemporary classical music presented, as she says, "in the ancient way, as a transformational vehicle... It is a language of intuition, heard by our hearts.

In her hands, the piano resounds with brilliance and stirring power, and the sound quality of her notes, chords, and resonances is really magnificent.  She moves through tender soft twirls of melody through deepening dimensions of awe into grand, almost cosmic bass chords that will carry the listener through some exquisite musical--and psychic--landscapes. Lori-Ann Speed is a visionary composer and pianist of our time. Her music will touch you deeply.”


Thanks, Kolin Lymworth

Founder & Shaper

Banyen Books & Sound

3608 West 4th Ave Vancouver BC V6R 1P1 Canada

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