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Music Journeys for the Soul

Lori-Ann Speed is on the rise as an acclaimed and talented Musician. Over the years, she has produced a mix of studio and live recordings that are synonymous with beauty, inspiration and relaxation: her signature sound. Appealing to fans worldwide, Lori-Ann Speed has recorded a wonderful collection of piano compositions that are a testament to the cinematic, soulful depth of her creativity and masterful playing. Explore her discography below.

Vistas Album Cover

VISTAS presents us with 14 grand and beautiful views into the landscape of human emotions; the epic beauty of all we share expressed through the pure, simple beauty of the piano. Please feel free to listen, share, and send Lori-Ann your comments.


Chill. Electronica - Classical Fusion 
Big grooves, spoken word, haunting vocals, world beat instruments featuring Lori-Ann's piano and compositions. Please feel free to listen, share, and send them your comments.


ASB Cover.jpg

The place of peace is within. Yet, in this hectic world, we spend most of our time outside of ourselves, stressed and unbalanced. Here for you is a music bridge connecting you to your inner self giving you a sense of well being, inner joy and peace. This is music for the soul. 

The beauty in the music creates a space for the mind, body, and spirit to relax and refresh . 


In the Wake of a Whisper

Sometimes in the dark of the night, in that silence and calm that is everywhere, we can most easily hear the voice of our 'true self'. I sit breathlessly, with my ear pressed firmly to the wall between me and my heart, listening... and in the wake of a whisper arises the music. 

Recorded at the prestigious Chan Center for the Performing Arts, Vancouver it was nominated for Best Instrumental Release at the West Coast Music Awards. 


"The Colour of Nature" is a compilation of tracks designed to harmonize you with nature inviting relaxation, renewal and inner joy. Return to the peace of the forests, the wisdom and tranquility of a calm lake and the stillness that is you.



"Lori-Ann's music is by far the most listened to series of compositions in our home and has been for many years now. It's music that you never tire of - Exceptionally relaxing mind therapy in a very fast paced world. Happy to have all 5 of her CD Journey's, and can only hope there will be more!" ~ Pat Leibel

Piano music for the soul. Lovely and beautiful, it is music to relax and dream by.

You can make a difference to this artist by supporting her music. Supporting her music contributes to the ongoing viability of being an artist…basically artists need their fans. 

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