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In Search Of Wings

In Search of Wings

Audio Track: Night Winds

To hear a 30-40 second sound clip (MP3) of each track, visit the SOUND FILES page

Track List

  1. First Snow - 5:36
  2. Night Winds - 2:33
  3. Unfinished Dream - 5:20
  4. The Journey Begins - 2:16
  5. A Voice Unheard - 4:06
  6. When Angels Meet - 5:40
  7. Holding Hands - 2:58
  8. In Search Of Wings - 3:29
  9. For One Last Time - 4:08
  10. Blue Awakening - 3:15
  11. The Journey Alone - 1:22
  12. Web Of Time - 5:00
  13. Beyond The Wall - 3:07
  14. The Journey Continues - 2:30

Total Time: 51:35

© 1995 White Waves Music/SOCAN
All Rights Reserved

Liner Notes


First Snow lands gently and softly on a dull, gray and barren landscape. The smell of the air announcing the change of season. The first virgin flake to appear out of the gray abyss above begins the magic time. The first precious maidens, innocent and pure, to fail gently from the sky bring a kiss, a promise - of renewal and rebirth. The earth wraps in a silent blanket bowing her head and closing her eyes as the high priestess' bestow their blessing.

Night Winds start to move, flow and shift. It's the darkness of a summer night - gentle, warm and still new. It's the in-utero darkness of the infant - inevitably inexorably moving to the light. The winds speak of change, movement, uncertainty. They move - sometimes a flurry, sometimes a gentle caress, and sometimes a violent pushing that threatens to crush, forcing us to push back, gasping for breath.

In The Unfinished Dream, we awaken wondering, sensing, feeling with half-closed eyes. The dream, the magnificent dream that spoke to us of a wondrous flight. At one moment, the delicate flutter of angel wings, in the next, the powerful beat of an eagle. We see vague elusive images in our peripheral vision that come and go and escape as soon as we look at them directly. There is a yearning, an aching for the message, the understanding, the light. We are left with residual feelings that haunt and tease us and ultimately compel us forward.

The Journey Begins and is simultaneously beautiful and confrontive, passionate and anxious, tense and serene (and always intense). Yes, there is even pain. The pain spurs us forward, drives us forward, implores us to go forward as the only direction for hope (for possible resolution). There is respite, a moment of peace, which comes and then lasts only a brief instant as the next cycle soon begins in the never ending circle of life and death, sadness and happiness, light and dark, evolving and circling upward towards ever more incandescent and translucent spirals of energy and light.

And so the journey begins and the next five pieces speak of beautiful moments along the way. Of love, of angels, of the magnificence of the search. There are those moments of intense yearning, of joy, love, guidance, peace and even nostalgia for all that has passed away.

In Blue Awakening, we are reminded of those brief recurring moments of despair and sadness as we realize that this is not a journey for the weak of heart or the impatient. It is also a path we must ultimately travel alone (The Journey Alone).

The Web of Time speaks to us of life's collage: its mysteries, its beauties - many images juxtaposed one against the other of poignancy, integrity, caring. We flow through the images of this collage imagining what we will - in each moment something different. Perhaps the birth of child, perhaps the death of a father, or perhaps a sunrise drifts into our consciousness and then out again. Beyond the Wall is about those moments of breaking through limitations, breaking the chains that bind, and finding those feelings of power, strength, courage and love. It's about triumphing in the face of adversity.

In Search of Wings, the album, does not come to rest, it does not resolve into a happy ending. Instead, as in life, The Journey Continues, for it is a journey that begins at birth and ends only at the time of our passing - a journey filled with many unique chapters. This album is the culmination of work representing the last five years of my life which has been a chapter full of challenges of a kind I never expected to experience. I have come to that place, at least for now, where I can turn and face the bitter winds when they come, embrace them, let them blow through my hair, and look for the real gifts of knowledge and truth they bring me. With each lesson hard fought and hard won, I add another beautiful incandescent feather to my infant wings and fly just a little bit further, and just a little bit higher.

Lori-Ann Speed


Produced by: Lori-Ann Speed


  • L.A. Speed: Piano, Keyboards
  • Dane Deviller: Guitar - Nightwinds, A Voice Unheard;
    Additional Keyboards / Percussion Nightwinds, The Journey Series,
    A Voice Unheard
  • Sean Hosein: Additional Keyboards / Percussion A Voice Unheard,
    The Journey Series, Nightwinds
  • Jane Mortifee: Vocals - A Voice Unheard
  • Bill Runge: Flute - Nightwinds, In Search of Wings
  • Craig Zurba: Keyboards - Beyond the Wall
  • Tom Colclough: Clarinet - Blue Awakening
  • Neil Nicholson: Trombone - Blue Awakening

Orchestration and Arrangements: L.A. Speed

Additional Arranging:

  • Craig Zurba - Beyond the Wall
  • Sean Hosein -A Voice Unheard
  • Sean Hosein and Dane Deviller - Nightwinds, The Journey Series
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