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In The Wake of a Whisper

In the Wake of a Whisper

Audio track: Indigo Child

To hear a 30-40 second sound clip (MP3) of each track, visit the SOUND FILES page

Track List

  1. Love's Last Breath - 4:50
  2. Journey Of Hope - 4:30
  3. Cradle Of Destiny - 4:42
  4. Spirit Of The Heart - 5:57
  5. Music Box Carousel - 3:49
  6. Indigo Child - 2:47
  7. These Changing Times - 5:26
  8. Softly Through My Heart - 4:17
  9. Marion's Song - 7:55
  10. I Love You To The Moon
    (And Back Again) - 3:36
  11. Clielli's Lament - 3:42
  12. In The Wake Of A Whisper - 6:37

    Total Time: 58:45

© 2000 White Waves Music All Rights Reserved

In the Wake of a Whisper speaks to me about a simple "Truth" - simply that "wellness comes from following our heart's desire". It was not easy to hear the voice of my heart which had become silenced with neglect. Have you ever put your ear to a set of railway tracks straining to hear a train from a long distance away? Well, that is what trying to hear my inner voice felt like to me. With my ear pressed firmly to the wall of my heart, I began to hear what was at first a faint whisper. In the wake of that, has come my music, my album and my recovery to health... Music is my heart's desire.

In the Wake of a Whisper was produced and engineered by award winning Seattle producer Paul Speer, best known for his work with pianist David Lanz of Narada Records. The professional standard of this album is extremely high with outstanding sound quality and a full and rich sonic landscape. This album is good value with 58 minutes of music. While the album is orchestrated, it features piano recorded on a Steinway concert grand at the Chan Center, one of Canada's premier performance venues.

Calming introspective music, beautiful flowing melodies and sensitive expressive playing make for an album that evokes inner peace and tranquility. The music is a bath for tired minds, thoughtfully composed and expressively performed. One is renewed, relaxed and inspired

In the Wake of a Whisper has been nominated for a West Coast Music Award for Best Instrumental Album - non-classical.

Liner Notes


It is with great joy and pride that I present this collection of piano pieces to you. They are all near and dear to me and reflect several of the most profound years of my life to date. Each song is like a gift found along the roadside I have walked; souvenirs of a pilgrimage to the deepest parts of myself. I have carried this music in my heart and soul and now, like magic, it will have its own life outside of me.

Songs, it seems, are a lot like children. We birth them with great joy and inspiration, followed by a period nurturing and developing them and finally, we release them into the world. We are but channels for them... divinely given, gratefully received... whispered through our hearts.

In the process of creating this album, I have learned one of life's great truths: that our well-being comes when we follow our heart's desire. And, I have come to understand that whatever storms come and go, there exists within me - indeed within all of us - a deep well of peace, inspiration, harmony, and healing... a place to hear the language of the heart.

Listen with me.


    Passionately beautiful, achingly tender and poignantly destined to end....

    This song has come to represent to me the immeasurable healing magic of hope. It embodies a range of emotions from the very tender, frail and fragile to the very powerful, enlivened and triumphant.

    When faced with overwhelming and insurmountable challenges, this song is a reminder that we are ever held in the gentle cradle of destiny. It's a peaceful, calm place of surrender to spirit and an opening to possibilities.

    Spirit of the Heart in the Chinese healing tradition refers to the center of our being. This philosophy speaks about the heart's innate intelligence, energy and power. The spirit of the heart allows people to connect with each other in deep and meaningful ways. In my own journey, I have been deeply touched by the caring I have experienced in others.

    This is a song of yesterday, full of the enchantment and nostalgia of those simple pleasures ... a music box, a carousel, a waltz.

    Our children are such a compelling force in our life's journey. Their joy, strength and wisdom sustain them through the storms. This uplifting song reflects this joy and wisdom that children share in a dramatically changing world.

    I would like to dedicate this song to Tia, my little Indigo Girl.

    Like an oasis in the desert, or a jewel shining in the dark, music can offer a respite from life's fears and uncertainty. "These Changing Times" is a wistful song of beauty and calm amidst the chaos. A song about life and changing circumstance.

    A gentle and vulnerable song of love.

    "You've always been a 'seeker', a modern day Quester!", my oldest and dearest friend Marion remarked, laughing. We were so close, and I treasured this friend who so casually reflected my essence.

    Our friendship began at 9 years old, two peas in a pod. Lori-Ann and Marion. Both born in the same year, both proud Aquarians, same size, same taste in clothes, and exactly the same long straight brown hair. We were inseparable, 'girlfriends', totally accepting and loving of one another.

    Not surprisingly, our friendship endured and deepened over the years. In what I can only call destiny, our lives inexplicably intertwined once more. In the month of Jan.1997, Marion received a cancer diagnosis. Of all the things we had dreamed of sharing in our lives as we became women, cancer was not one of them. Yet, a year to the month after Marion's cancer diagnosis, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

    Inspired by the magnitude of Marion's struggle and her endearing spirit, I wrote her this song in the months preceding her death on April 15,1999. I had originally titled the piece "A Hero's Journey" as I was so moved by the indomitable courage with which she faced her challenges. She was a real-life heroine, enduring so much in an epic journey that showed us the grace, beauty and power of her spirit.

    I dedicate "Marion's Song" to the spirit that is Marion and share this special piece in her honor and memory.

  10. I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON (and back again)
    It's all about love, isn't it? The healing power of love and support.

    In a distant land, a maiden is troubled by the split loyalties of her lover. Foreshadowed by the angel candle burning to black on their first night together, she nevertheless opened her heart to him only to discover later that his was not free to give. In the final scenes she casts him out. Then, in her grief and sorrow, she throws herself into the river of tears.

    Sometimes in the dark of night, in that silence and calm that is everywhere, we can most easily hear the voice of our "authentic self". I sit breathlessly, with my ear pressed firmly to the wall between me and my heart, listening...


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