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Audio Track: Cradle of Destiny from In The Wake of a Whisper

Lori-Ann Speed portrait

"Rich and introspective… this is fine, inspired music. **** (four stars)" -- John P. McLaughlin, The Province

"14 shining excuses for listeners to kick back and relax… a fine calling card." -- The Record

"Lori-Ann's 1atest CD makes a powerful impression!… confident, melodic... and so very, very beautiful!" -- Doreen Copeland, Music Director, 97 KISS-M

"Easily one of the best piano CDs of 2000… everything about this CD is something to cherish. Produced by Pianist David Lanz cohort Paul Speer, In the Wake of a Whisper will simply get you in a contemplative relaxed headspace. I highly recommend this one!" -- John Beaudin, QM-FM/Shared Vision

"Lori-Ann's music gives body to emotions that are beyond words. It is thoughtfully composed and expressively performed." -- David Wisdom, CBC Stereo

"One of those CDs that carries you away to those places you reserve in your heart for your special memories. The music is lush and romantic, and powerful…Music that is written well, with a high production value, can be an emotional experience. This is one of those CDs." -- Don Jackson, Host, Lovers and Other Strangers, KISS-FM

"Sparkling classical technique marries North Shore soundscapes with just a taste of nightclub jazz... One listen tells you this soulful stuff, an adult contemplative music for counting your blessings to."-- Trevor Carolan, The Outlook

"Lush and lovely… the tunes are filled with drama and movement and vaguely recall Michael Nyman's haunting soundtrack from The Piano, albeit in a more contemporary style." -- Words & Music

"Her music is so unique and her haunting playing so beautiful that it simply deserves to be heard." -- Yvan Brunet, Standard-Freeholder

"…beautiful… very well done…" -- Ric Arboit, Nettwerk Productions

"Put this paper down right now, go to your local record store, and ask for this CD." -- Stephen Tran, Common Ground

(Read the entire article from The Outlook)

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